Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celtic Square Motif

This is a design I was working on a few years ago when I was designing celtic motifs. I didn't feel this design was working. Instead, I made a round motif (don't remember if I took a photo) and from that design, I developed the Tri-quetra coaster published in Crochet with Bits & Pieces in 2005.

Double Triquetra Coaster
Crochet with Bits and Pieces

There is a lot of potential for the square celtic motif and I hope to return to it some day.


TATBiT said...

I'm always curious as to what makes an piece "Irish" and what makes it "Celtic"?

I love both of these designs. Would the square look more agreeable if hooked all in one color? Sometimes it isn't the design but color combinations that cause a distraction, instead of making the eye consider the design in it's totality. Just a thought but I like both of them and think you should go back and finish the square.

Mindy said...

Hi Teri,

By Celtic I usually am referring to knots in Celtic designs. I love Celtic knots! There is something about the weaving that makes me swoon...ha!

Yes...color combination. I need to work on that. I like the red coaster because the colors are striking. The square, on the other hand, doesn't work in those colors whatsoever. I will revisit it some day. I think it has potential. If I can find a photo of the circular motif, I'll upload it. It turned out much nicer.

Susana said...

It´s very beutiful!!!!Do you have the graphic to make it? Thanks from Argentina.

crocheteer said...

Mostly amazing - i have to try that too! Love how u chose the colours! Thanks for sharing.