Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pattern books and snowflake pattern links

Imagine my frustration to find that geocities has deleted all the pages for my previous website under Innovative Crochet, including the pattern books and snowflake pattern. It's my fault for not checking the account emails within 4 months. Because of that, the account became active.

I'll have to figure out how to make the pattern books available for purchase again through the blog, and I'll upload the snowflake pattern to the blog at the weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boterflye wings

The bottom left wing stands out more. It is the same stitch I used for the body. I don't think it is a good use of space, but I'll probably keep it. It would look nicer if the circles weren't in a straight row. But perhaps if the circles became gradually larger as they reach the center of the wing and then become smaller towards the body, it would look better.

The left wing looks better without the huge space that is visible in the right wing. But now the left side has a square shaped space, which I'm not happy about. I think it would be better if I had a bit of cording to fill in the space.

I also see that the left large wing is slightly smaller than the right...but I think that is being a bit picky.

So, I'll rework the bottom right wing like the left and add some cording close to the body of the larger wings in hopes of eliminating those odd spaces.

Until next weekend!

Celtic Square Motif

This is a design I was working on a few years ago when I was designing celtic motifs. I didn't feel this design was working. Instead, I made a round motif (don't remember if I took a photo) and from that design, I developed the Tri-quetra coaster published in Crochet with Bits & Pieces in 2005.

Double Triquetra Coaster
Crochet with Bits and Pieces

There is a lot of potential for the square celtic motif and I hope to return to it some day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ruethe's Boterflye

Ruethe's Boterflye

I added extra cording to the large wings because the space was too large to work least for a design that I want to quickly finish. I'm not sure the filling of the large wing is appropriate for this design. That large space next to the body looks unsightly. I might choose a different filling for the left large wing and see which one I like best...or at least lesson the size of that empty space.

I'm not sure about the small wing either. I might try a different filling on the left and then decided which one looks best.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

RPL Butterfly

Ruethe's Boterflye

This small Romanian Point lace butterfly is underway! The cording is worked in #40 pink and the filling is also going to be in #40, but white. It measures 10.5cm x 8cm...perfect for a card, which is what I am making it to go on. I wanted so badly to make the antennae with curly tips, but couldn't do it...oh well.

I asked my daughter to draw a quick butterfly, which explains why it is on regular paper. I didn't have yellow transparent film either, so I used a clear plastic packaging.

I'm out of practice, as you probably can tell, but it feels great to work on lace again!

I don't know which fillings I will use yet...probably whatever I find easiest to do since I am out of practice.

2010...a little late for Happy New Years but...

I can't believe I've begun my final year of university. The journey has been amazing. I intend to end it with first class Honors (fingers crossed). That's the perfectionist in me talking...ha! I was thrilled to receive the Tony Cotton Memorial award for my research essay last year. It is awarded to the graduate carrying out research on British history. That same research will be published in the annual history department journal. I guess that explains why I want to finish my degree with a bang!

I'm looking forward to being able to get back to creative designs in Irish crochet, Romanian Point Lace, and tatting!! I've began a couple of designs: an RPL butterfly which I hope to upload in the coming weeks, and a tatted heart, which I had hoped to have finished in time for Valentines but unable to spend enough time to finish it. I've had many ideas growing in my mind over the past 5 years and it will be nice to realize them.

I'm still waiting for a design to be published in Annie's Favorite Crochet. I've been paid for it so I can't show the design. It is a baby bonnet and booties in Bruges crochet. I'm extremely annoyed that it has been kept this long without being published. First, I would like to have it back since it is an heirloom piece. Secondly, I find it unprofessional to buy a designer's work and give me the date and issue it is to appear in and then it not appearing there! There is no telling where it is at the moment. I wonder if it is buried under a pile of other projects that haven't been published yet?

I hope 2010 will be prosperous and full of happiness for everyone! My New Year resolutions is to make all birthday cards with a piece of lace and mail them on time this year. Believe me, that is a challenge to fulfill. If I can do that, I will consider it a major accomplishment!