Saturday, March 8, 2008

Final year began!

I began my final year of my BA degree last week! I was well rested from last year's mental workout and now I am ready to start it all over again. I have 3 history classes this semester, which is a heavy reading load! I am also taking a psychology course, which is going to be cool. I have to maintain a B average in 3 of my history courses this year in order to qualify for Honors next year. Achieving an Honors degree is my goal.
* * *
I am taking Medieval Mentalities, the American West, and African-American Struggles for Freedom. I'm looking forward to the lectures, two of which are given my American professors, and to tutorial discussions with my class. In Auckland university, the humanitarian courses also have tutorials, something that I believe isn't done in the states. It is basically a class discussion of the reading material we are assigned each week. I look forward to those because students have the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and ask the tutor more indepth questions regarding the subject.
* * *
Of course, this means I will have even less time for the blog and no time at all for lacemaking and design. The bracelet is still mental picture at this stage. My apologies to those readers who were waiting anxiously to have the pattern. I'm waiting anxiously to wear the finished bracelet, but I have to wait.

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