Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beaded Ring for Bracelet

I've finally managed to work a bit on the bracelet today. I've decided that the ring should be the next step simply because it will demonstrate how I added the beads. I can't find the file on 'how to make rings' for downloading. When I do locate it, I'll make it available.
* * * * *
The instructions for the ring are as follows. Wrap the end of a size G hook 10 times leaving about 8 inches of end for beading. Work 20 sc in ring. Cut working thread leaving 8 inches to bead with. Insert hook into 1st sc made and pull working thread thru both the stitch and the loop on hook. You now have a thread in the back of your work and a thread in the front of your work. Place 3 delica beads on a needle threader, then place both ends of the thread in the needle threader and slide the beads over both threads. Push them until the sit on top of the ring. Now mark both ends of the threads.
Skip 1 sc on the ring, then in the next sc, insert the needle threader (front to back) thru both loops of the stitch and grab one of the ends (white for example), pull thru; then insert the needle threader into same stitch (back to front) and grab the black end and pull thru. Pull tight until the beads form a point. Now repeating the last step, insert the needle threader into next sc, front to back and pull the black thread thru, the insert the needle threader in the same stitch from back to front and pull the white thread thru; pull taught. Repeat step into the next stitch; pull taught.
Place 3 beads on both threads and repeat steps again until you have 4 beaded tips.

This is how the beading is added for the center motif as well. After a little practice, you'll do this quicker and have more fun with it. You could also experience with different thread colors for the beading.


0thlon said...

Hay i have had a little look around your blog and wanted to say that your work is amazing! I am just learning to crochet, ive been a knitter for a few years now, and i wanted to look into irish crochet more and came across your blog! Your work is inspirational, and got me interested in tatting to :P

Keep up the beautiful work!

Mindy said...

Hi Othlon,

Thanks! I'm always happy to hear that my work inspires others to give Irish crochet a try. You won't be disappointed!