Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second Year of University Completed!!!

Finally! After a very long and tiring year of study, it's over. I have my life back again...free to do whatever my little heart desires. What does that include? Hmmmm.....

1- Losie 10 pounds
2- Making Christmas gifts for family and friends
3- Cleaning the blinds...the hard way
4- Lose another 10 pounds
5- Put away all these course handouts and notes (so many!)
6- Celebrate 3 birthdays, including moi
7- Lose another 10 pds
8- Design!!
9- Go to the butterfly house (can't wait)
10- Buy a new wardrobe...LOL

Now that my 'to do' list is all planned out, I can get started.

Of course, waiting for my exam results is going to be long. They will trickle in. The good thing is that next year, I will only have 2 exams as opposed to 8!!!! We don't sit exams in history in the last year of our BA's. Well, you aren't let you off that easy. I will have an extra essay to write and they are longer, and God forbid if I have to give a speech...yikes!!

It's summer time in New Zealand...let the fun begin!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Congratulations on getting your life back! If you figure out how to get ride of the 10+ pounds, please post!

Mindy said...

Hi Diane :)

I am enjoying it very much! I worked very hard during the year an now I deserve to pamper and play...LOL

How do I plan to lose the weight? Treadmill. I bought a heavy duty treadmill and I plan to run it rugged...LOL

Stay tuned :)