Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mourning Sea - Center Motif

This is the pattern for the center motif of 'Mourning Sea':

Coats and Clark Dual Duty Plus (Black)
14mm bead for Center with a horizontal hole
0.65 steel hook
36 delica beads (light turqoise)
needle threader

Use the double thread technique

The work must be located to the left of the bead. Enter the end of the thread at A and exit at B. Pull end through leaving about 5" of tail (this will be longer than you actually need). Now repeat again then bring the end back and across A and letting it hang to the right of the bead. Now grab the working thread, pull under both strands and chain 1. Adjust the threads around the side of the bead in equal length. The loop should be large enough that you can work comfortably.

Continue working over both threads with the following:

*4 sc, ch 5, remove loop from hook, insert hook into 1st sc made, replace loop on hook and pull thru stitch, ch1, work 6 sc in ch-lp* (6 times). Elongate the loop on the hook and remove hook.

Pull the tail just enough to see which thread begins to shorten. Once you located the right thread, pull that thread from point B. This will cause the second thread to tighten around the bead. Pull tight so that there is no space between your work and the bead. Now pull the tail again until the this thread is tight around the bead.

This is the first half. Repeat for the second half. A needle threader will be necessary to pull the thread thru the center. Sl st to the ch-1 of the first loop.

* * * * *

To be cont...

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