Thursday, November 15, 2007

Abbreviations for the Irish crochet snowflake motif

Finally! My deepest apologies for taking so long.

The flower pattern is not included in the instructions. You can use any 6 petal traditional rose.

PC - Padding cord. This is a #10 thread. Sometimes the stitches are made on this thread only (UCA) and sometimes the stitches are made in both the work and the cord together.

UCA - Use cord only. Work the stitches on the #10 thread only.

TC - Tighten cord. Pull the #10 thread to squeeze the stitches together.

FJ - Flat Join. This means to remove your work from the hook, insert the hook where indicated, grab the loop of your work and pull through. Adjust tension. You may or may not need to ch 1, depending on your tension.

Note: I think it is better to refer to this as a 'right side join' when the slip stitches are made to the right, but since I've seen the stitch termed this way in vintage books, I've used it.

I hope this makes it clearer for those of you who want to make the Irish crochet snowflake.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting the instructions... I have been wanting to make this snowflake for a long time.

Mindy said...

You are most welcome...sorry it took so long for me to make them available. I hope you enjoy the pattern.