Thursday, November 29, 2007


The second ring was not working so I removed it. Can you see how nicely this design can be used as a pendant as well as earrings (with some minor adjustments). I plan to add a ring on the other side and then I'll decide how I want to complete the bracelet!

Mourning Sea Bracelet

As you can see, the bracelet is in the making. There is much work to be done. I've decided the center is fine. I am working on the pattern for it at the moment. The beads are not crocheted into the work, but are added later. The same is true for the Irish crochet rings; however I am trying to make the rings so that you will have a double thread to add the beads with. The less ends to hide, the better.
* * * * *
I found 2 threads are best for beading, otherwise the bead work will not sit on top of the crochet stitches. Plus, I think it gives me more choices. The ring location is not definite at the moment. I don't think the bead count is right. Still, it would probably work anyway since it is a bracelet. We'll see!
* * * * *
The background is not great in this image, but I kept getting a glare when I put it on a preferred background.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Internship

I am participating in an internship at one of the historical villages here in New Zealand. I have really enjoyed it so far and know for sure that I would like to be involved in museum work when I finish my degree, if not sooner. This village is similar to Amish Acres in Indiana, but there is a lot more history since it deals with early settlers in Auckland. Take a peek at their website:

So, what have I learned so far? Well, as an intern I am training how to handle precious objects such as leather books, dishes, wooden objects, and textiles. The only tedious job I've done so far is having to sweep dust from inner crevices of books, page by page. Yep...very tedious work; but it is really interesting to read the diaries of some people. That to me is the rewarding part - to know first hand experience of someone who first came to New Zealand.
I've also learned some aspects of database entry for museum cataloguing. It's a good thing I took that optional computer science class after all. I didn't think I would ever use those silly of me...duh! At the moment, my training is Collections work which means that I handle and clean itmes, and then catalogue them. I also might have a go at Curatory work, which entails research and display. I like to clean items because it gives me the opportunity to see how they are made and their details, some of which is astonishing. Curatory work is interesting too because of the social history each piece tells. My goal is to get a job at the Auckland Museum working behind the scenes. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Design underway!

I have been able to squeeze in some time to start a new bracelet. This one is going to be simple so that I can make the pattern available for download. The beads will mostly be added by hand after the motifs are completed. At least that is the idea I have in mind at the moment. I would like to experiment more with beading and this will give me the opportunity.

About scanning...unfortunately, I am not able to scan anything at the moment. I wanted to scan my progress of calligraphy, which by the way is highly addictive. There is nothing wrong with the scanner, but it is not compatible with the laptop I am using. I do hope to have the compatible connection in the coming days so that I can begin scanning the progress of both the bracelet and my calligraphy.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Abbreviations for the Irish crochet snowflake motif

Finally! My deepest apologies for taking so long.

The flower pattern is not included in the instructions. You can use any 6 petal traditional rose.

PC - Padding cord. This is a #10 thread. Sometimes the stitches are made on this thread only (UCA) and sometimes the stitches are made in both the work and the cord together.

UCA - Use cord only. Work the stitches on the #10 thread only.

TC - Tighten cord. Pull the #10 thread to squeeze the stitches together.

FJ - Flat Join. This means to remove your work from the hook, insert the hook where indicated, grab the loop of your work and pull through. Adjust tension. You may or may not need to ch 1, depending on your tension.

Note: I think it is better to refer to this as a 'right side join' when the slip stitches are made to the right, but since I've seen the stitch termed this way in vintage books, I've used it.

I hope this makes it clearer for those of you who want to make the Irish crochet snowflake.

A Calligrapher Wanna Be

I am one of those people who LOVE to write beautifully, even if I can't. I would spend a lot of time making my handwriting look nice when I was school. I think part of that has to do with the creative side of me. I could never draw, but I did have nice penmanship (at least I thought).

It's funny how my brother could draw beautifully but had the worse handwriting. I don't know why that is. I pitied his teachers. You would think his handwriting to be flawless. I think it might be a male/female thing?

Anyway, I bought a book a while back in preparation for summer. I started the night before last and am really excited about it. If you have ever seen illuminated'll know why. I can actually visualize myself spending hours forming letters and decorating a page.

I'll post my work as I progress.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second Year of University Completed!!!

Finally! After a very long and tiring year of study, it's over. I have my life back to do whatever my little heart desires. What does that include? Hmmmm.....

1- Losie 10 pounds
2- Making Christmas gifts for family and friends
3- Cleaning the blinds...the hard way
4- Lose another 10 pounds
5- Put away all these course handouts and notes (so many!)
6- Celebrate 3 birthdays, including moi
7- Lose another 10 pds
8- Design!!
9- Go to the butterfly house (can't wait)
10- Buy a new wardrobe...LOL

Now that my 'to do' list is all planned out, I can get started.

Of course, waiting for my exam results is going to be long. They will trickle in. The good thing is that next year, I will only have 2 exams as opposed to 8!!!! We don't sit exams in history in the last year of our BA's. Well, you aren't let you off that easy. I will have an extra essay to write and they are longer, and God forbid if I have to give a speech...yikes!!

It's summer time in New Zealand...let the fun begin!!