Friday, October 26, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Okay...7 facts about myself:

1- I bit my fingernails until I was 17...ewe!

2- I pierced one of my ears when I was in trouble for it...then my mother approved for a neighbor to do it (after my ear healed). Then when I was 17, I pierced a second hole in both my ears...stubborn...argh!! But it looked GOOD.

3- I got caught smoking when I was restricted to my room for a month for that one. Good on you Mom and Dad :). I deserved it.

4- I played the clarinet until high school.

5- I wanted to be a cosmetologist...still wish I had done that :(.

6- I was so obsessed with Starsky n Hutch that I recorded the programs...good grief!!

7- I use to open all my Christmas presents before Christmas and re-tape them so no one knew...naughty girl!

Well...back to exams :). I finish exams next month and then it will be back to blogging....yeah!!!


TATBiT said...

Thanks Mindy! I use to do 7 too! ;)

Mindy said...

Hi Teri :))

And did you open your sister's gifts too? LOL

My mother found that she couldn't trust gifts in the house so she kept them in the trunk of the car. Of course, that didn't stop my brothers and me...LOL!! We use to sneak the keys and peek anyway. We were so inquisitive.

TATBiT said...

:0 My sister was usually there opening hers too. We always acted very surprised so not to be caught. I don't think she ever knew.