Saturday, July 14, 2007

Second Semester Begins

Second semester begins on Monday and so I will be taking another break from the blog. I was happy to finish at least a couple of things during my break. Unfortunately much of my break was spent cleaning house. Oh well, someone has to do it.
* * *
Second semester looks intriguing. I will be taking a course on Children's literature...yippee!!! Speaking of books...only one week left before the last Harry Potter book is released!!! The anticipation is killing me. I am second to read it in our family. My youngest is first. She has been a fan since the 3rd book. Of course, she insisted that I read them to join in the excitement. I read all of them before the 6th book was released. Now, I don't know who has become more obsessed...her or me, who always tries to think about the little girl inside.
* * *
Have a great summer to you all!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I just found your site through Teri Dusenbury's blog. Your work is awesome! You've inspired me to pull out my Irish crochet books... read first, crochet later... after I tat... after I read Harry Potter... after I...

P.S. - I love the fish!

Mindy said...

Hi Diane :)

Harry Potter is GREAT!!!I finished it yesterday (I was 3rd in line in our I was not disappointed either. What a legacy for J.K. Rowling!

I know all about those 'to do' lists...LOL