Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Paua Sunflower

Paua Sunflower
I've just begun this design which is the center of a bracelet. The paua shell doesn't look so colorful scanned, but it is beautiful when the light hits it. Worked in a 60 Coats thread, the stitch around the bead is not a Clones knot. This is a backward cluster stitch. By backward, I mean that the back of the stitch is facing. You actually make the stitch with the back of your work facing you, make the cluster, then turn work to front and join...voila!! It is a beautiful raised stitch. I haven't decided whether I will use memory wire or tat this bracelet.
* * *
I will add the beads tomorrow!

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tatbit said...

Oh yes, I love the combo! Paua, paua, pretty but so evasive when it comes to the scanner.