Friday, July 6, 2007

Flower Bracelet

Flower Bracelet
This is my first time working with memory wire. The background is the wrong color and doesn't do the thread justice. The thread is peach Dual Duty Plus button craft thread manufactured by Coats. The center bead of the flower and large beads in the bracelet is glass, the beads in the petals are black Swarovski Bicone, and the seed beads are a vintage glass bead given to me by a know who you are ;)
* * *
This is also the first time I have worked with jewelry pliers. I think I could really get into making jewelry...some day!! I need to experiment more with colors and beads. I didn't plan ahead and ran out of the Swarovski beads...argh!! Just a little more practice and these will make lovely gifts.


tatbit said...

Looks great! Memory-wire rules!

Mindy said...

Hi Teri :)

Thanks! Your talent inspires me :)
This is actually the second flower. The first one was ecru and while I was adding a bead to the last petal, one of the threads broke...gasp! That never, ever happens. I think the thread is old. (the beads in the petals were added after the flower was completed).

It was a fine opportunity to use the Dual Duty, which is perfect for crochet jewelry.