Friday, July 13, 2007

Beaded Sunflower

I chose this picture because the color of the paua shell stands out. The true color fo the beads don't show up well. They look green here, but they aren't.

This picture shows the beading on top the crochet clusters. I have a lot to learn about beading, but it is so fun that I look forward to learning! I like adding beads to crochet rather than crocheting them in to the work.I feel I have more choices with beading patterns this way...besides the creative and fun aspect of it. Of course, I am referring to jewelry designs and small motifs.

This is the true color of the beads, but the picture is blurry. I LOVE the color. It is so magical.

I was able to scan the back to show the beading clearer. Funny thing...I didn't mark the holes of the paua shell to insert the memory wire. Good grief!! I can also see where I miscounted beads...argh!!! Well, I'm not sure what kind of bracelet to make with it...tatted or memory wire? I will probably go with memory wire though. I have some pearls that I think would look lovely with this design.
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tatbit said...

You are doing fine! This is how I learned and I rarely show my mistakes. Sometimes, I don't even see my mistakes until after they have been scanned. I like what I see. Sometimes if you put a toothpick through the focal bead you can then keep track of the hole and move it in place for the wire. If you forget this trick you can poke around and move it into place. It takes a bit more time and patience. So pretty, love that green thread!

Mindy said...

Hi Teri :)

Thanks! I know the best way to learn is by experimenting and making those mistakes ;)

I also love your idea about the red flower center. I also thought about beading over the black bead...probably during my summer holidays though.

Thanks again :)