Tuesday, July 10, 2007

6 petal flower

6 Petal Flower
I like the red seed beads in and around the petals (sorry the scan is so bad...argh!!). I do NOT like the center bead. Black is no good...too ominous...to depressing. I so wish I had used a different bead center. The seed beads (Delica) were added by hand. The center bead is added with the triple loose ring technique. I always use this technique for center beads.
* * *
Other mistakes? Yes, I should had made only 8 clones knots. I made 9. I know, I know...calculate.
* * *
I'll try to take a picture with a digital camera. Except for the center bead, it is a pretty flower. Why did I use black???!!!!

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tatbit said...

I love this flower and there are so many things you can do to that bead to be happy with. Dried flower applique or bead up and over.