Sunday, March 25, 2007


We had daylight saving in this part of the globe last weekend. We had to Fall back. Funny thing is, my mother had just sprung forward the weekend prior.
I chat with my mother once a week. We have done so since my brother died in 2005. There are times when something comes up and I can't be home to chat with her, but that seldom happens. To be honest, I have become so wrapped up in studying that I have forgotten a few times. Nobody's perfect.
So back to daylight saving...We have our chats on Friday 10pm Eastern time which is on a Saturday for me. The day of our chat is perfect since it is the weekend, but the time does fluctuate. For six months out of the year, I need to be on the computer at 2 in the afternoon, and for the other six months I need to be on the computer at 4 in the afternoon. The tricky part is that our times don't change at the same time. She has her daylight saving time before I do, in this which case I have to be on the computer at 3!
So, how does this effect me (Is that the right effect? I always get affect and effect mixed up argh!!). Well, the day of our change over, my mother and I were talking about how the weather was becoming warmer, the grass was going to need cutting soon, Easter is around the corner, and my cousin has had to postpone her wedding because all the receptions halls are booked (Spring is wedding season), and so forth. In other words, I was in Spring mode. So, when it came to change our time that night, naturally I set all the clocks forward when I should have set them back! No wonder I burst into my daughters' bedroom stressed out because we were going to be late for our appointment to have our family portrait taken. Of course my daughters set their clock correctly, so the joke was on me.
* * *
We use to live in Indiana and there is one county there that doesn't change their time (the voted not to). It was always weird because we had friends in that part of the country whom we sometimes visited and we always had to adjust our gathering time when we visited each other. And do you want to know something really funny?
I lived in Qum for several years. This is a town in Iran. They began to use daylight saving time when I was there. I was accustomed to it so I didn't think anything of it but the majority of the people were really upset about it. They opposed the idea and many refused to change their time. So, for 6 months out of the year, everyone was saying, "I'll meet you at 2:00 the old time" or "I'll meet you at 2:00 the government time". Can you imagine the confusion?
* * *
A week has past and I've made the adjustment to the new time. I like daylight saving time, despite the stress it causes me. It's nice to 'think' I have gained an extra hour every year. Of course, you feel short changed when you loose an extra hour in the Fall. But the reality is, time is a state of mind. We don't really gain or loose an extra hour. Still, daylight saving time has that wonderful psychological effect. A little 'extra' time is what we all want, right?

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