Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spiders and University

While at a friend's house, my daughter took a picture of a Tunnel spider's web that was spun in a tree. This is so cool.
Do you see the center where it looks like a faint ring. That is the entrance of the tunnel. It is so neatly engineered. The next tunnel I drive through (and there aren't many in New Zealand) will be seen from a different perspective. I'll never view a tunnel the same way again!

* * *
This is the park located across campus. The University of Auckland is located downtown. It's actually a great location because not only is the park beside the campus, but also the Auckland Art Gallary and the museum is about a 15 mintue walk, or for me a 5 minute drive.
Isn't the park a terrific place to have lunch!!

* * *
This is the water fountain at the instant stress reliever.
* * *

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esther said...

Falling water and negative ions. Raises the seritonin levels for the brain. Lovely pictures!!!