Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Essays, essays and more essays!!

The mid-semester break will begin in a couple of weeks time. Until then, I have another 2 essays to complete and a test. I'm looking forward to this weekend though when I hope to squeeze in a little crochet. I was writing an art history essay last weekend. After I handed it in, I realized that one of my sentences separated from a paragraph...argh!! Good grief!!

Poetry!! Okay, I do love poetry (not modern). I just wish my analysing would improve. I knew I had a wild imagination, but I've taken sonnets to a new world.

History!! Love, love, love history... can't get enough of it. You gotta be nosey, which I am, to love history. I have to know everything: why did that happen? who said that? why didn't they do that?, etc.

Art history!! We had lectures about the history of printing this week ... so cool!!

Still, I can't wait to get some crocheting time...maybe I'll get to finally make my bracelet? Probably not.

* * *


Esther said...

Ah! Guttenberg and those little carved letters he made from the tree bark for his little friend. How wonderfully creative and inspiring. And do note that the most prized written word was the Bible. Pains takingly hand written up until this point. I too enjoy history. Must be my nosy personality. :)

Mindy said...

I like the woodcutting history Esther. They still had to print pictures with woodcuts. So intricate too! This subject fascinates me.