Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Working on new bracelet design

I began a new design today. I nearly nailed it. There should be 6 petals...argh!! I've never been good at planning out stitch counts. I had better get my act in gear though because who has time to waste?
The center is a paua shell disc. Paua shells are native to New Zealand and are so beautiful with all their multi-color dimensions. It is surrounded by Clones favorite...and lastly the petals are made using an Irish crochet edging pattern. I used a #40 thread, of course.
I didn't add beads this go around, but I will. Beads are so crucial to the look of jewelry. Of course, often times simpler is better...we shall see!
To be cont...


Esther said...

I love the five lacy petals. It has a pleasing asymmetry. You are so brave to work with size 40 threads. Bravo!!

Mindy said...

Hi Esther

I definitely think I have a design concept to work on. I can easily see a pendant or pair of earrings when beads are added.