Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Weeks from Today

University classes begin 2 weeks from today!! I'm looking forward to the 2007 academic year and excited that my daughter will also be attending. There are now three of us, my son, myself, and my daughter!!
I'm going to be taking Shakespeare this year...yikes!! For all you Shakespeare lovers, I'm sorry, but this man intimidates me :( I will, however, walk in that lecture with a postive attitude. I figure my fears are more related to my junior high school English blunders rather than my intelligence. We shall see!
I will also be taking New Zealand history for a first time. I'm looking forward to that. I loathed history in junior high. Well, it wasn't the subject that I disliked. It was that obnoxious teacher (I have a few other choice words I'd rather use, but I'm trying to keep this clean). Excuse me while a blow a little steam...
Mr. Ohler, where ever you STINK!!!! You call yourself a teacher?!! You made every day a miserable learning experience for me. You were an arrogant 'fat head' bully. I wish I had a cell phone to film your teaching techniques in class!! When I get my degree, what I'd like to do is shove it up .......
Okay, I feel a bit better. No, I don't truly harvest bad feelings any more...well, just a little. After seeing the bullying my children have had to watch or experience over the years, I now realize that there are teachers who shouldn't be in this profession. Some simply don't have teaching skills while others take advantage of the power they hold in their classrooms. Still, I've had teachers in my early school years that I adored. Miss Craig...I love you!!! However unfortunately, I didn't have one teacher that inspired me...not one!
My inspiration has come from reading about personalities who value education. I've also seen how other parts of the world have limited educational resources. That made me have a different perspective of the opportunities that I was born into as a Westerner. Last but not least, I've learned that knowledge is power. It can be used in an abusive way, like Mr. Ohler, or in a postive way - to make the world a better place!!

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teri dusenbury aka tatbit said...

You took me straight back to my junior year English class and Mrs. X. Ugh! I literally quaked in my seat dreading that she was going to call on me to interpret some Shakespearean prose. I NEVER got any of it because I was so intimidated that I would be made the fool. Oh yes, this elderly lady enjoyed making us teeny-teens squirm.

Mrs. X also had my father and sister as students so I was under added scrutiny. She was always reminding me of that fact too.

In her tests she would ask what our opinion was and then grade it. How can you grade an opinion? I barely managed a c but I got the last laugh because I dated her son briefly. Probably much to her horror.

Have a great time in school!