Thursday, February 1, 2007

Traditional Irish Rose with a Modern Touch

Irish Rose with Beaded Center

This is my first attempt at adding beads to the center of an Irish rose. It was tedious to say the least, but worth it. I think a little practice will do the trick.

These beads are not added the traditional way. I never have liked the look of beaded crochet. The beads seem to sit on top of the work rather than 'in' the work. I love the way Ramona Lee adds beads to her crochet! Check out her chokers...beautiful!

The center of this rose is made with the 'Triple Loose Ring Technique'. I added beads to both the ring and the working thread. And though they have been added to the working thread, that doesn't mean they are 'crocheted' in the work...they aren't.

The first row of petals are behind the beads. Personally, I prefer the each back petal to fall between 2 front petals. That won't work with this pattern, but the beads to liven up this traditional Irish rose.

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