Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thread Size Correction

Did I say I used a #40 for the center bracelet? Ooops! Make that a #60. I hadn't realized the mistake until I began working on the band...good grief!


Esther said...

Mindy you are just amazing working with such tiny threads. It makes the crochet lace look almost like the flat paper lace we use to make Valentines with. Whoosh! Can't wait to see the fishy project. You know this handy work will help ease the stress of midterms so keep on being creative. Beautiful work!!!

Mindy said...

Thanks Esther!

Not remembering the size of this thread is proof of me not crocheting all of last year. I only have #20 and #60 in this thread. If that isn’t a beckoning of an Irish crochet project, I don’t know what Fine threads are best for Irish crochet.

I do plan to keep my creative side in gear this year. I simply love design and the challenge of concepts. Besides, I need to make Mother’s Day gifts and some things for myself this year. I’m always last…lol.