Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thread Piddles?

Playing with ideas

I went to bed with several design ideas last night. I made a decision several days ago to start drawing instead of spending extra time piddling with thread. I drew a couple of the ideas in my Design Book. Hey, that's an idea...a Design Book!! To Do List - 'buy a Design Book'. Okay, in truth, I only drew it on a scrap piece of paper but I really will buy a book to draw them in ;)

Are those my thread piddles in the picture? Nope! My thread piddles ends up in the trash. Those are practice pieces. The red is simply trying out bead ideas. It also proves, to me at least, that Irish crochet should not be worked in #20 thread. It is bulky and unsightly. Compare it to the bottom left clover. Now that's pleasing to the eye!! It is worked in #40 thread and doesn't it look dainty and crisp. I know the red design ideas will work great in #40 and make a lovely centerpiece for a bracelet. Hopefully some day soon.

The blue is not crochet, but knotting. I wanted to see what a cork screw effect would look like around a bead. I like it, but I need to work out several problems. I actually wanted to crochet a 'twist', but I know knotting would be quicker. I try the crochet stitches another time.
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