Sunday, February 4, 2007

Pretty in Pink!!!

Center Bracelet Version 2
This is the final version of the center of the braclet. I am very pleased with it. The scanner has smashed its beautiful dimensional quality, but it is lovely. I haven't decided if I want to add another. It is about 1" in diameter from bead to bead.
I used both Delica and Czech beads. They match the center bead which is blue glass with a copper edge. The Delica is a copper metalic and the Czech are blue. I did try to work with a blue thread thinking it would look nicer, but I was wrong. I guess I will just have to accept the thread visible through the center. I will get around to making this with brown thread. I know it will look very nice. Since this bracelet will be for a 12 year old, I wanted it to be a soft pink...something girlish.
This little motif can be used as several variations, which I find exciting. It means I can play with the different versions rather than redesign a bracelet.
I will begin to add the band tomorrow. I have a couple of ideas for the band. It will be finger tatted and knotted with beads.
To be cont...

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