Thursday, February 15, 2007

My First Time Fishing

When my brothers and I were in junior high, father would sometimes pick us up from school to spend 'quality time' together. He had Mondays off and so would take us to the park or where he worked. Being the only girl in the group, I always felt out of place. It was actually father and son time. I was only there because they couldn't leave me out.

One of my fondest memories was an occasion when my father picked us up to go fishing (I think we went to Lake Norman). My brothers had fishing rods and a tackle box. They couldn't wait to catch their first fish. On our way there, we stopped by one of the little shops to buy live worms....yuck!! I wanted to fish but was told: "We only have two fishing rods. Besides, you are a girl. Girls don't fish". I was annoyed. Being 'xy' sure had its ups and downs.

We arrived at one of the small piers, or maybe it's called a dock? I wouldn't know because I was a girl. I watched as my dad twisted the worm around the hook piercing it in one end, then in middle, and lastly in the other end. It was gross, but I still wanted to fish. I just didn't want to touch anything that wriggled. I watched as they threw out their lines and reeled them in, only to find the worm was gone, as was the fish. I spent an hour waiting to see the first catch of the day but it hadn't come. Brian was really frustrated. I was really bored.

I finally asked my dad to please let me give it a try. I was so keen to catch a fish. My brothers objected, "We only have two fishing rods!" Dad finally succumbed to my whining and said that I could fish off the edge of the pier using some fishing line and a hook. I asked him to 'hook' the worm for me. I wasn't going to do that...ew! With a look that would curl your hair he told me, "If you want to fish, you have to hook the worm yourself". It was my turn to succumb and so I did. It smelled horrible and made me queasy, but I did it anyway and then dropped my line over the edge. I waited for about two minutes when I felt something tugging on my line. I first thought my hook was caught on something until dad said, "Mindy, pull it up quick!". I did, and at the other end dangled a small fish. It wasn't fish bowl size either. It was large enough for one person to eat. I was thrilled!! I had caught a fish...and I was a girl.

I noticed my brother's faces change to different shades of red. In part that was caused by anger, but mostly they had become more determined to catch their first fish. On the one had, I felt sorry for them. It wasn't easy to maintain an ego as big as theirs. But on the other hand, I felt proud and yet cautious. Could it have been beginner's luck? Probably.

I dropped my line over the edge again expecting nothing, but two minutes later I had another tug on my line! I pulled it up and sure enough there squirmed another fish the same size as the first one. I gleamed with excitement. My brothers felt rage. Their fishing rods were proving to be useless to them.

I thought I would give it one more try - just to prove girls can fish. In truth though, I was sure I had used all my luck but I dropped the line over the side anyway and what do you know...I felt another tug at my line. I was ecstatic. Victory never felt so good. My brothers felt defeated and quit. I could hear them rambling on about girls and fishing and luck. I knew I had proved my point and decided not to drop the line over a forth time. I didn't think they would be able to handle another catch.

We went home that evening with three fish, two angry boys, an very uncomfortable father and one happy little girl!!

* * *
The fish in the photo is worked in Coats #40 thread and Kreniks gold metallic thread. It is an imitation of a pattern a friend gave me some years ago. The instructions are in a different language (Dutch ?). I simply added a bead for the eye, tried my best to make it similar to the picture, and added gold fins to give it a sparkle.


Esther said...

Hey Mindy~ I love your fish story. So much fun to catch a fish. Reminds me of summers on the Colorado river catching Bluegails. I think that's what they are called. Are you going to share that cute pattern? I love little fishies. I'll bet you could add beads to that little guy too!! :)

Mindy said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks! Though I didn’t follow the written instructions of this pattern and it is a little different, it is still not my design. I’ve had several comments about the fish though, so I think I will have to design my own version. When I do, I’ll post it on the blog ;)