Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Main Attraction II

I definitely like this one better. The design adjustment I had in mind did the trick! The scanner doesn't do this sweetie justice though. The Clones knots gives it a very nice raised effect but scanners are not made to scan two dimensional images, so...ew!! I might have to adjust the stitch count too, but I won't know until I have reworked it with beads. Speaking of beads...
I do like this flat bead but the thread is the wrong color for it. I would need to use a blue thread to match the bead because of that unsightly threaded center! It looks as though I have strung the bead into the center of the motif...and I didn't. This is all crochet. Don't let the threads at each end trick you into believing otherwise.
This is also the first time I am using Czech beads and mercy me...I love these beads!! Delica are, of course, my all time favorite but these are more affordable.
This center is worked in a #40 thread. I tried with #20 but I was petrified with the end result. My eyes have paid for it though. I look like I've been reading non-stop for a week. I am learning to turn away and give my eyes a rest. And speaking of tired eyes...I finally found magnifiers that fit the specifications my eye doctor suggested...victory!! You wouldn't believe how hard is was to find a 1.00!! Everything is from 1.50 to 2.75...jeesh! I found ONE, yes only one, pair of 1.00. I guess it was fate.
Lastly, this bracelet will be called 'Ali Victoria', named after my niece. I am designing this bracelet for her birthday.

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