Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Main Attraction: A Filigree Center?

Two Versions of the Filigree Center

Between preparing for the new school year for three students in the house and tatting a garter, I've actually managed to continue working on the design of the bracelet center.

Filigree is what I'm heading for. The design on the left is basic design. It is very simple....maybe too simple. I did add beads and was very happy with the finished look, however the stitch count was wrong and it curled up on me....argh!! Then my youngest daughter told me that it needs some dimension. Why did I ask??? Naturally I had to explore her idea and so have added Clones knots to the this design along with the beading placement I used with the second design.

Clones knots make this design too crowded but it can be remedied. I have an plan that I hope will do the trick. I'll try to work out the kinks throughout the day. When I have finished it, I'll decide which one works for the main attraction. I have a feeling both will be pretty!

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