Monday, February 12, 2007

The Lonely Block

When my son was accepted in the university, I wanted to make him something really special and I thought what better gift is there but a 'handmade' quilt.

I found a simple pattern on the Internet since this would be my first quilt. I knew I wanted to use a Celtic design in the stitching and so bought colors that I thought suit the theme and yet something a guy would appreciate.

I bought the fabric and then, like every other project that is not crocheted or tatted, put it in a drawer. After some time, a member of our guild encouraged me to take the plunge and start the quilt. She gave me a long sheet of art paper and showed me how she quilts. I found her manner to be easy and fun. I went straight home and cut the pieces. I gleefully 'hand sewed' my block and looked at it with pride. I was on my way to making my first quilt. I was excited of the challenge and couldn't wait to get to the stitching. I love Celtic designs!!

Well, that was it. I haven't touched it since. The picture is of the only block I have made. The fabric is again put away. My son will be graduating this year and he still hasn't received his 'handmade' quilt.

I hope I'll be able to finish it someday...maybe for his son? Maybe for his grandson...definitely not!!! I doubt I'll live that long and even if I did, I'll have already become blind from all these years of needle arts.

So my block will probably be forever lonely, longing to be joined and whole again...sniff, sniff.


teri dusenbury aka tatbit said...

Pillows. Boys love pillows. You can make a quilted pillow. It will go quicker...

I use to quilt when my kids were small. When we moved to podunk our house came with a small guest house. I was using it as a storage unit when a family member wanted to move over there, asked if they could donate some stuff to the local thrift shop. You can imagine my surprise when I went to the thrift shop that my crochet and quilting items were in the glass case. hmmmm...

Mindy said...

Hi Teri,

That's aterrific idea...thanks! I also love quilted pillows and wall hangings. They are smaller and quicker to finish which means I’d see the results faster, which would give me incentive to keep it rolling. In fact, I could simply add to the set as I make them!

It’s amazing what some family members will do. You must have been so hurt. Some people just don’t value the time spent on handmade items :(