Monday, February 26, 2007

Fish Pattern Link

As promised, here is the fish pattern.
The instructions have not been tested.
If you have pattern questions, please ask.


hola said...

I would love to see the fist pattern, but the link didn't work. I got an error message every time I clicked on it. (sigh)

Mindy said...

Hi Hola,

Yes, I am having problems with the links, but they will be sorted out shortly now that I am on break between semesters. I'm glad you like the design and hope you will enjoy making it even more!


Ruth said...

The link still does not work :( I would love to see the pattern.

Mindy said...

Hi Ruth,

It is available on the blog now. Just scroll down and look to the side of the page under patterns and you'll see the fish pattern ;)