Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blogger Frustrations

It was all going so well until yesterday. I've been trying to work on the format of my blog and darn if my computer keeps freezing on me. I simply can't add or delete my page elements...argh!! It's so frustrating. Computer problem, you say? Perhaps!

Look what I found while searching for more projects to upload in my albums. This is the first authentic Irish crochet project I made. Several members, including myself, on one of the lacemakers group decided to have a workshop together via the group. We used the Priscilla 'Irish Crochet: Technique and Projects' publication.

By 'authentic' I mean that the motifs were first worked and then basted onto a design. Then the background was added, and lastly the edging. This was so difficult to me at the time. I thought I would never be able to finish it, but I did! Now, when I compare this doily to the collar, I see I have come a long gratifying!

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