Saturday, February 10, 2007

and...That's All She Wrote!

I think this was the Christmas of 68
* * *

After reading about Teri's haircut history on her blog, I drug out one of my favorite childhood pictures of my brothers and myself.

My oldest brother, Doug, is in the foreground. Do you know what the box in front of him is? It's the box top of a Creepy Crawlers set! If you have never heard of Creepy Crawlers, it's basically a 'make your own insect' kit. I think they were made with little hot plates that came with the set. I can still smell the melted rubber that permeated the room when they were making bugs. The set is on the floor next to Brian, the little one with the crew cut. Look at that blonde fuzzy hair! Look at those ears!!
* * *
That's me wearing high heels. Remember those? They have a little flower where the toes are. Do you see anything unusual about me? Look closely...there's something missing. Yep! This is my worse haircut photo. I have no BANGS. They're gone. Gasp!!I wonder what happened to them? Well, leave a certain little blonde headed boy alone in the room with his sister with a pair of scissors and...That's All She Wrote!


teri dusenbury aka tatbit said...

That picture is a trip down memory lane. I only had a sister so I don't remember the boy's toy but I remember those plastic shoes.

I bet your family had a water wiggle or a slip 'n slide?

Mindy said...

Hi Teri

I wish we did, but we had an electric fence to keep our Doberman in…yikes!!! I didn’t like that dog. I’m surprised I remember his name, Dynamite. We would run through the sprinkler in the front yard though. I can’t tell you how many times I stepped ‘on’ it instead of over it…ouch!! Even that was on rare occasions since my mother couldn’t stand the kitchen floor to become wet from 3 kids running back and forth in the house, especially since she waxed it. Of course, now I understand why she would get upset…lol. Our family finally joined the local swimming pool.

I LOVED those shoes!!!