Friday, January 26, 2007

Thread sizes, dates, patterns...good grief!!!

Growing up, everything had its place in my home. My mother was so well-organized...and I love her for it. It's a pity it didn't rub off on me though :(. My bedroom door was always closed to hide the mess. I practically had to tie my closet door knobs shut to keep it from bursting open and all sorts of belongings oozed out from under my bed. Of course, I had my moments where even I couldn't take it. I would have a major 'damage control' day where I organized everything. I felt so much better afterwards...phew!...a breath of fresh air! Unfortunately, only 2 days later...Well, you get the picture.

Here's the thing. I have never been brain just doesn't work that way. Some people would call it 'lazy'...but not me. I call it 'organized mess'. Okay, I admit, I once heard the term on Oprah (good ole Oprah). It sounded good, so I adopted it as a description of myself. It gave me a sense of being unique. Yes, with egg on my head, now I admit I was wrong (at least until further notice).

Boy I am paying the price. How many times have I read from lacemakers to MARK YOUR WORK...why didn't I listen? I'm now struggling to remember thread sizes, dates, and books I've used. It is frustrating to say the least.

The good news has forced me to be more organized! Isn't that grand?! That's only one of the benefits...VBG.

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