Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is the way I tat my lace, tat my lace, tat my lace...

This is how I tat!! Not the traditional way, I know...but I'm sure others do it this way as well ;). I think it's easiest for me because I crochet. What else could that index finger be for but...tension!

My stitches are worked between my index finger and thumb. To form the beginning ring, I pinch the thread between my thumb and middle finger, over my inded, around my pinky and back to my starting point. A triangle is created in this early stage, but after the first stitch is completed, my pinky joins the rest of my fingers and then my index finger is left all by its lonesome to do its job!

Speaking of crochet...this is a flower motif I made in a crochet along with the irish crochet yahoo group. It is a vintage pattern, but I can't remember which book we used now....argh!!
It's beautiful worn as a least that is what my daughter tells me. I can be used many ways like on a hat. I just keep it in a little dish for display.
She was a pretty tough cookie to make so I doubt I will make another one anytime soon.
Well, I have less than 6 weeks before university begins. I had better get my creative time into gear!!

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