Monday, January 8, 2007

This is exciting!!!

Welcome to my blog!

I really don't know where to I'll simply start with the name.

Why Crochet of Distinction? To family and friends, it is obvious but to visitors who don't know, I chose the name in memory of my brother who passed away in 2005 (I miss you Brian). His talent was and still is awe inspiring.

These are two photos of his last art work. Wasn't he talented! I absolutely love this mural. The pose is stunning. In fact, I think Brian captured himself in that pose. He was very athletic in his childhood. Was that his intention? I don't know. I do know that when I see this classical man, I see him. Now I think I understand the meaning of the art history term Prompto! Brian's company was called Artistry of Distinction. To view his website go to:


Lynda Klymko said...

Dear Mindy,
I went and looked at your brothers website.
First off - What an immmense talent.....He was truely an artist.
and Second - what a hunk!!
Losing a sibling is hard, and one who was so talented must have had a very large heart and from what I see of your creations, he wasn't the only one in your family who was talented.
My Mom passed away Oct. '04 and even though I don't cry anymore, I still miss her. I know she is watching over us, and when things are bad can feel her guiding me.....along with her strong faith in God.
God bless you,
Lynda - CyameseTats

Mindy said...

Hi Linda :)

My condolences to you. 'Time' heals :)

Yes he was a hunk! I remember when we were in school, I use to roll my eyes everytime a girl passed by him. She would bat her eyes and he would have this big grin...yuck! Of course, I finally realized (during his last year of junior high) that I could use his popularity to my advantage. I had a group of girls at my fingertips when I announced he was my Mindy.
Thanks for your compliments about my work and about his :)