Monday, January 29, 2007

That's a Given

I definitely like this design. Having a flower bead in every 3rd ring looks nicer...not too little, not too much. I'm using a size #20 thread and I think these are #9 beads.

Working on designs for the center of the bracelet, this is the filigree idea and is crocheted...hmmm, needs work. I like the center glass bead (blue), but if this design is going to work with the band, I would need a metalic bead (maybe something celtic?) I basically wanted to experiment with having a center bead incorporated into the crochet. I can't imagine having to sew beads in my work...ew!!

The method I used for this center bead is the same I used for the eys in my Celtic Owl design. I'll continue to work on this filigree design to see what I come up with. I have an Irish crochet design in mind too, but this is the simpler of the two.
A trip to the bead shop tomorrow will trigger some ideas as well. I wonder what goodies are available? I'm in the mood for beads!!!

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