Sunday, January 28, 2007

Size is everything!

I took the same concept I used with the red braclet and experimented with smaller beads and finer thread. The green arrow is pointing to the core thread which is basically my beading thread. Knots are not made with it, but rather on it with the knotting thread (blue arrow). The only part of the band that is 'tatted' is the first ring. After making the ring, I introduced the core thread into my work and began knotting and beading.
A couple of points: first, beads and thread size should be compatible with each other. These beads are clearly too large for this thread; second, to have a neat bracelet, evenly cut beads are essential!!
The red arrow is pointing to a mistake I made in knotting. I forgot 2 stitches before adding a bead onto the core thread...argh!!
I've already have ideas for the center of the bracelet which will be crocheted.

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