Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Newest Design!!

Yes...it is simple, but I found the simplest is often times the most fun to make.

Colorful too? Well, it's summer here in New Zealand, so it looks great on a white blazer.

See that yellow center? The infamous Clones knot...yikes! And there are 5 of them (the other 2 are hidden in the cup). Personally, I love that knot. I try to incorporate one in every design. Some brilliant mind thought of it and I'm determined to keep the stitch alive.
Worked in a #20 thread using Irish crochet techniques. It has some beading. The pin in back is worked into the pin so you don't have that unsightly base showing (don't you just hate those...grrr).
I plan for my next project to be something tatted...fingers crossed!!

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