Saturday, January 27, 2007

It Starts with an Idea!

I like to make projects that I can complete in a day, or at least over a weekend. There is something gratifying about actually completing a project rather than being in the middle of one, or several, which is usually the case for me.

My daughters like to wear my designs, which usually spark conversation. I would like to design a bracelet before school starts next month. The two in the photo are developing ideas for the band. In fact, the one on the left is an idea that didn't work. This bracelet was meant for a little girl. I wanted her to be able to take it off without the use of a clasp, so I hand tatted over elastic. The problem was, what was I going to do with the elastic? It was going to be unsightly, to say the least. So, I put this piece in a drawer and forgot about it until today when I began playing with ideas of the red bracelet.

This is a concept in progress. As the picture shows, I began with a tatted ring. The flower beads have their holes facing toward the sides and not the down the center. As I worked, I found the design wasn't going as I had envisioned it would. Each new ring and flower bead went through design changes until the last seed bead. The final ring is just what I need. Now I have something I can work with and the ideas are flowing!!!

To be cont...

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